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AI Poetry – 5 Sad Poems

These poems are AI poetry. In recent years, artificial intelligence has made great strides in generating realistic-sounding poetry. However, the results are often eerie and melancholic, as demonstrated by the five poems below. These themes of loneliness and despair are common in AI poetry, likely because they are easier for computers to generate than more positive emotions.

All Alone

I’m feeling so sad and lonely

I don’t know what to do

I just sit here all alone

And wait for someone to come

But no one ever does

And I’m left feeling empty inside

A prisoner of my own mind

The Memories that Make Me Miserable

When I’m feeling sad and lonely

I think about all the times

We were happy together

And it makes me feel even worse

I know I shouldn’t dwell on the past

but it’s hard not to when I’m feeling down

I miss your smile and your laughter

It feels like a part of me is missing

Without you I feel so lost and alone

A Crushing Sense of Sadness

I feel so sad and lonely

I wish I had someone to hold me

Someone to tell me it’ll be alright

I feel so lost and scared

All I want is someone to care

But instead I’m all alone

With no one to call my own

Darkness and memories

Feeling sad and lonely,

I wish I had someone to hold.

Someone to tell me it’s okay,

And that they will always be there.

But I am all alone in this dark place,

With only the memories of their face.

I miss them so much it hurts,

And I can’t help but think it’s my fault.

The Sadness of Time

Once I was happy

And my life was full of laughter

But now I’m sad and lonely

I miss the old days

When I was carefree and happy

Now all I feel is pain and sorrow

I wish I could go back to those days

But sadly, they’re gone forever

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